Disciplined in Sophisticated Defense and Insurance Litigation


For a quarter century Butler’s involvement in precedent-setting cases has contributed to changing or shaping the Florida law in the areas of first-party property coverage, third-party property coverage, and extra-contractual liability. Our appellate specialists handle appeals and special writs in all of the Florida state courts, and in several of the federal Circuit Courts of Appeals. Our involvement in a case oftentimes begins before the appellate process is set in motion.

We offer a wide range of trial support at each stage of litigation, including:

  • Supporting trial counsel with dispositive motions in state and federal courts;
  • Preparing extraordinary writs of certiorari, mandamus, and prohibition in state courts;
  • Collaborating with clients and trial counsel pretrial on discovery, expert, and limine motions; preparing jury instructions, verdict forms, and trial motions to promote best trial outcomes;
  • Drafting post-trial motions, supersedeas bonds, stays;
  • Advising on settlement options, and working towards mediated resolutions before or after the appeal is commenced.

Once an appealable order is entered or a notice of appeal is filed by the adverse party, we work with our client and the trial counsel to design the most effective appellate strategy to achieve optimal results, whether the objective is to protect a victory from upset or to challenge the judgment or verdict.