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January 01, 2000 | Publication| Evaluating Expert Testimony With Respect to Medical Causation: The Use of Epidemiological Studies in Court

In toxic tort cases, medical causation is often the plaintiff's most difficult element of proof. The first hurdle a plaintiff faces is proving general causation, that the substance at issue is capable of causing the disease or condition from which the plaintiff suffers. Special causation is generally more challenging to prove.

March 29, 2004 PublicationDanger Zone: Planning Ahead To Avoid Legal Malpractice

Claims for legal malpractice are exploding. Malpractice insurance is getting more difficult to obtain, and when you can find a carrier, rates are, in some cases, prohibitive. Claims of legal malpractice have no bounds: they cut across many different practice areas. Real estate, transactional lawyers, trial lawyers, general practitioners – all have been (and will continue to be) targets for legal malpractice actions.

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