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September 29, 2011 | Publication| Turning Bad Faith Inside Out: How Plaintiff Attorneys Are Creating Third-Party Bad Faith Claims

Lewis F. Collins Jr., Lewis F. Collins, Jr.

FDCC Quarterly Vol.61.4

December 13, 2017 PublicationFDCC Leadership for Lawyers - Leading and Ethics

Ethics have been defined as a system of moral principles. Ethics are the rules of conduct recognized by a
specific class of human actions amongst a particular group or culture. As defined, leading and ethics are two sides
of the same coin. To use Forrest Gump’s analysis, ethics and leading go together like peas and carrots.

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March 01, 1995 PublicationCivility in Depositions - Hardball Strikes Out - Improper Objections and Tactics During Depositions

Depositions have been described as "the most important of the pre-trial discovery tools."They have also been described by commentators as one of the most frequently abused of all discovery methods. "[I]n many instances, the purpose of a deposition is to sink the witness, and not merely to take discovery...."   In response to this seeming abuse of discovery through depositions, federal courts have sought to limit (through the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and local district court rules) the number of depositions that can be taken without prior leave of Court.

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