Disciplined in Sophisticated Defense and Insurance Litigation


We understand the importance of immediate action when liability and reputation is at risk. Butler brings a wealth of experience into the defense of trucking and bus accidents. Our firm has highly skilled and experienced attorneys in multiple offices who litigate all aspects of commercial ground transportation accidents including personal injury, property damage claims, cargo claims and issues.

A robust team with resources at the ready

Our team is vigilant and adept at retaining the appropriate experts these cases often require. We have access to a database of established specialists ranging from accident reconstruction, photography, videography, regulatory compliance, conspicuity and hazardous waste containment which will assist clients in the concerted effort to defend such accidents.

Support when and where you need it

We maintain a rapid response team of experts (on a 24 hour standby basis) who can respond immediately to the accident scene, including the deployment of attorneys and paralegals who will be on the accident scene quickly to protect the company, its drivers, gathering critical evidence, witness statements, photographs, 3D laser-scanning, etc.

We have a strong liability coverage department that has extensive experience addressing coverage issues associated with commercial transportation.

Does your company have the right representation and defense to protect your interests?