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William B. Collum

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March 04, 2020 | EVENT| William Collum 2020 FACAP Double Feature

Senior Associate William Collum will be presenting two classes at the 2020 FACAP Annual Arson Seminar on March 4, 2020 in Ocala, FL. Learn more about both classes below:

Strategies for Ensuring Efficient and Effective Investigations in Fire Claims

This presentation focuses on best practices for efficient and effective insurer investigations in fire claims. We discuss the interplay of post-loss duties in insurer investigations of fire losses. We also discuss the different types of Duties After Loss provisions currently in use in Florida, the current legal state of the requisite compliance necessary to avoid any material breach assertions, and the regulations and statutes (including the bad faith statute) impacting an insurer’s requests pursuant to the Duties After Loss provision. Finally, we also discuss strategies for ensuring productive, thorough, and efficient investigations that lead to efficient and effective Examinations Under Oath, if invoked by the insurer.

5-Hour Law and Ethics Update 5-620 - Laws, Regulations and Ethics in Claims Handling: Subrogation, Liability, and First-Party Coverage Issues

This course fulfills an adjuster’s 5 hour Law & Ethics requirement. Broken into four sections, this course covers (1) regulations, licensing and ethics subjects, (2) Florida law updates for liability and subrogation claims, (3) Florida law updates for first-party claims, and (4) misrepresentation and fraud.

Key Points

Presenter Location
  • Ocala, FL
  • Florida Advisory Committee on Arson Prevention